PG CRM Terms of Use

Your use of this system is subject to the following terms:

  1. This system logs all activity – including, but not limited to – visits, access attempts, successful logins, page views, file uploads, & updates. The information logged may be retained indefinitely.
  2. The system may be subject to monitoring.
  3. Any data uploaded into the system becomes the property of PG, and can be used by PG for any purpose. By uploading information into the system, you certify that you have the legal right (including all applicable intellectual property rights) to do so.
  4. All data entered into, or logged by, the system may be stored in, or transferred to/from other countries.
  5. You will use the system only for purposes as expressly directed by PG.
  6. You will use the system only for purposes that are legal and moral.
  7. You will not disclose your login credentials, the features & functions of this system, or any of its contents to any third party, unless specifically instructed by PG. You will take reasonable efforts to ensure that unauthorized third parties cannot observe your use of the system or its contents. This includes taking precautions when accessing the system in a public place, and ensuring that you do not access the system from a public computer (for example at a public library).
  8. If you discover any security flaw in the system, you agree to promptly report it to the Help Desk.
  9. For any questions, contact the HSM Global Help Desk at 1 800 716 8955 or e-mail